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2024 Tennis Tournaments and Events.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events (chronological)

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Tournament Rules and Protocols


Singles Tournaments
 will be played over several weeks with matches scheduled by the players and completed within specified play by dates for each round. A and B Flights will be offered. The draws will be published on the website and posted on the bulletin board on the porch. The system (via [email protected]) will automatically notify players regarding upcoming matches, including opponent’s contact information and the play by date for each round. The winning player must input match scores in the Match Play module within 24 hours of match completion.
Scheduling Singles Matches:
  • Balls are provided for tournaments by the Club.
  • Players schedule their own matches and courts can be booked beginning four days prior at 8PM using the Reserve a Court tab.
  • Singles grass matches may NOT be played on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the 9:30AM booking slot. 
  • For grass events, players may NOT book back to back courts for tournament play in the mornings or evenings. Double slots are allowed between the hours of 11AM and 4PM.
  • Arrive on time, warmup for no more than 15 minutes, and begin play promptly.

Women's and Mixed Doubles Tournaments will be played over specific weekends: Clay – June 23rd to June 24th, Grass  - August 11th – August 12th and Mixed - July 29th and July 30th A and B Flights will be offered. Britney will be running the weekend doubles tournaments and players will be emailed specific start times prior to the tournament start date. Start times for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday will vary by tournament based on surface, draw sizes and other factors.

Men's Doubles Tournaments - Tournaments will follow the same format as the singles tournament with the exception of the Men's Member-Guest.
  • Player seeding for tournaments will be determined by Andrej Samets and Britney LaDow.
  • Finals for the main draws of the Grass tournaments, both A and B Flights, will be played on Championship (Labor Day) Weekend. Specific dates and times will be listed on the tournament registration page. 
  • All matches are the best of three tie break sets unless otherwise determined by the Tournament Director. A tie-break will be played at 6 games-all (first to 7 points, win by two, switch sides every 6 points).
  • The Tennis Committee and Professional Staff retains the right to determine which flight a player will be placed in based on level of play, tournament results, league/team position, etc.
  • All tournament finals (clay and grass) will be chair by a member of the Club determined by the Tennis Committee.
  • If matches are not played by the set deadline and an extension has not been requested and granted, the Tennis Committee retains the right to determine which player will advance. 


Tournament Champion(s) Finalist(s)

Women's Division
Clay Singles Catie Barberis Melissa Lilley
Clay B Flight Singles Alyssa Skirkanich Maggie Patry
Clay Doubles Adrienne Supino and Natasha Scrivani Catie Barberis and Sladja Carton
Clay B Flight Doubles Courtney Winters and Cynda Kliewe Jane Orr and Maura Beyer
Grass Singles Darleen McGlone Adrienne Supino
Grass B Flight Singles Alyssa Skirkanich Donna Mussio
Grass Doubles Adrienne Supino and Natasha Scrivani Chris Hetzler and Darleen McGlone
Grass B Flight Doubles Courtney Winters and Cynda Kliewe Jane Orr and Rachel Kolb
Men's Division    
Clay Singles Max Lustgarten Matt Resnikoff
Clay B Flight Singles Parks Cuskley Stephen Bauer
Clay Doubles Danon Robinson and Matt Resnikoff George Billington and Dennis Lynch
Clay B Flight Doubles Lucas Lustgarten and Parks Cuskley Jonathan Mackay and Stephen Bauer
Grass Singles Shane Jeffray Mett Resnikoff
Grass B Flight Singles Matthew Cooke Gregory Fedorcik
Grass Doubles Blake Abbot and Geroge Billington Clark Herman and Shane Jeffray
Grass B Flight Doubles Bayley David and Jeff Wrightson Jonathan Mackay and Sean Hickey
Senior Grass Singles Danon Robinson John Hackett
Senior Grass Doubles John Hackett and Peter Hurley Dennis Lynch and Ralf Sellig
Mixed Division    
Grass Doubles Darleen McGlone and Tom Fontana Natasha Scrivani and Blake Abbot
Grass B Flight Doubles Julia Fedorcik and Greg Fedorcik Megan Ross and Doug Ross