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Coach: Alec Williamson


Coach: Andrej Samets


Coach: Victoria Kruitsyna


Coach: Britney LaDow

2023 Results


Week 1
69.23% 41.67% 63.64%
Week 2 28.57% 48.28% 73.53% 48.65%
Week 3 43.55% 53.70% 56.06% 59.09%
Week 4 36.36% 57.69% 48.15% 51.85%
Week 5 48.15% 42.86% 42.86% 56.67%
Week 6 15.38% 58.33% 51.61% 66.67%
Playoffs 52% 48% 52% 48%
Current Average 36.36% 55.02% 52.31% 57.76%
Current Standings 3rd 1st 3rd 1st

Note: The percentages are calculated by matches won/matches played.


Roland-Garros Wimbledon Australian Open U.S. Open
Andrew Rosenbloom Adrienne Supino Adrianne Raphalian Abigail Oswald
Ann Hawley Alicia Bublitz Alex Conely Amy Fahey
Ann Rossbach Alyssa Skirkanich Angie Frankovic Casey Eadon
Bob Abbot Bobby Fischer Bayley Davis Chris Hetzler
Chris Meagher Casey Kegelman Charlie Beyer Christine Rieger
Colleen Fischer Debbie Memmott Courtney Winters Danie McHugh
Cyndi Firth Emily Billington Eric Patry Danon Robinson
David Devlin Gerri Lawrence Irene Hall David Long
Debbie Evans Heather Bilanin Janet Rotchford Donna Mussio
Donna O'Neill Holly Ostrow John Egan Hugh Olson
Elena Fahey Jen Egan John Hackett James Dorment
Eric Frankovic Jill Perosi John Ostrow Jeff Roffman
Erin Avery John Caruso Julie Monahan John Floyd
Gordon Eadon Kelly Kachinski Kara Short Joseph Clemente
Jaime Dorment Kevin Cuskley Karin Devlin Julia Harquail
Jane Orr Kristen Tudor-Mehl Ken Snyder Katie McIntyre
Jason Hoitt Mary Heins Lara Duffy Kristen Hall
Jessica Dudick Melissa Lilley Lynn Elliott Laura Pflaster
Julie Fleming Mike Grubert Maria Manley Linda Eno
Laurie Smith Oliver Olson Meg Sverance Liz Toolan
Luba Caruso Peter Eno Megan Ross Maggie Patry
Maria Conti Regina Fernicola Michael Keaveney Malley Pattwell
Mary Grubert Remi Burke Michele Ferretti Margot O'Connor
Maura Beyer Stephanie Flynn Michelle Buckley Rachel Kolb
Megan Tencza Tammy Zacks Parks Cuskley Samm Popham
Meredith Wilson Tom Fahey Robyn Cummings Sara Poponak
Natasha Scrivani Tom Hall Stephanie Hetzler Sharen Resnikoff
Nikki Webb Trip Manley Susan Abbot Stephanie Cuskley
Patty Rodilosso Tucker Eadon Susan Olson Ted Coene
Ty Olson Wilson McDermott Tom Mullins Veronica Meagher


Player Schedules and Team Lineups
  • Players must enter their availability for each week by MONDAY at 6PM using the TeamSnap app.
  • Players are guaranteed a match (maybe two!) when they are available. 
  • Coaches will email lineups on TUESDAY using the TeamSnap app. 
Match Details
  • Matches are played at 5PM and/or 6:30PM. 
  • Players should check in with their coach when they arrive for their matches for court and partner assignments.
  • Matches are timed – See timeline below.
  • Balls will be provided and can be found on the courts.
Match Format
  • An 8-game pro set will be played to determine the match.
  • Regular scoring.
  • A tiebreaker will be played at 8 games all. First to 7 points, win by two. Players switch sides every 6 points.
  • A whistle will be blown at 6:20PM and 7:50PM to indicate the end of the match.
  • Once the whistle is blown, players who are still playing must finish the game that they are in. If the games are tied, players can play one more game to determine the winner.
Post Play
  • Players should plan on hanging out afterwards and enjoying some libations on the lawn.
  • Snacks and nibbles will be provided every week.
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