Social Events

Each season, social events at SLT&CC build upon club traditions to be enjoyed with old friends, while also offering new ways to enjoy our special club and make new friends. The 2022 tennis season brings back Breakfast at Wimbledon, the Annual Bisque, and Last of the Grass special events. Scheduling for the Tennis Extravaganza events has been expanded and unlike traditional tennis, the Extravaganza takes the pressure off and turns the music and fun way up!

In the past, SLT&CC held Tennis and Tasty Bites for Women and Ribs and Reggae for Men. Now the social committee is offering up Women’s and Men’s Nights Out almost every week! Nights Out feature competitive round robin with players of similar ability. There are a total of twelve Nights Out! There are three each for Women (USTA 3.0-4.0), Women (USTA 4.0+), Men (USTA 3.0-4.0), and Men (USTA 4.0+). These nights are a great way to enjoy the company of fellow members while getting a great workout. 
New this year is the Stick or Split Mixed Social, a fast paced social evening of tennis. Players start with a partner and stay with them or split up as they move up the ladder. This event will be fun for players of all levels and prizes will be awarded.
Several of these events include appetizers and beverages on the porch after play. (With the exception of Breakfast at Wimbledon which is as much about the food as it is about watching the Men’s Finals!) Guests are welcome at all of these events as well!
More information about each event can be found on the registration links on the mini-calendar below and on the main Event Calendar. Information includes pricing, cancellation policies, and more. For the single occurrence events, registration opens four weeks prior. For weekly events, registration opens seven days prior.