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Founded in 1877, we are very proud to say that SLT&CC is one of the oldest tennis clubs, and the oldest lawn tennis and cricket club, in the country. Upon settling in its present location in 1887, the season opened with three grass tennis courts and a cricket crease, which was considered one of the best in the country. Around this time, the Club adopted the colors of black, red and gold, the same as the Zingari Cricket Club in England. Archery was also indulged with interest, so the bull’s eye target was adopted as the Club insignia. More courts were laid out as interest in cricket waned and tennis grew in popularity during the 1890s. Over time, clay courts and platform tennis courts were added.


Our Clubhouse was designed by James Renwick, one of the foremost architects in the U.S. at that time. It is a rare example of the casino-style clubhouse, which functioned as a gathering place for social activities and recreation. In 1992 the Club was named a National Historic Landmark, and joins only three other famous tennis clubs with that designation: the Newport Casino, Newport, R.I., Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, PA and Germantown Cricket Club, Philadelphia, PA.

The Clubhouse houses our prized collection of photos. There are 338 photos on display, making it the most complete collection of its kind in the country. The photos feature many prominent players who have competed on our courts.

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1877 - Club founded by local lawn tennis enthusiasts.

1887 - Club grounds moved to its present location.

1894 - Seabright Invitational Tournament begins.

1920s -Tennis greats Bill Tilden and Helen Wills play regularly.

1947- First clay courts added.

1960 - More clay courts and grass courts added.

1962 - Platform tennis courts added.

1976 - Centennial celebration.

1991 - Club is placed on the National Register of Historic places.

1992 - Our clubhouse named a National Historic Landmark.

2019 - Construction of The Bullseye, our new paddle hut, is completed.

2021 - Centennial celebration of the Prentice Cup.