Guests are welcome at SLT&CC, and we encourage you to come and enjoy our Club. Many of our social events are open to guests, including round robins and competitive play. Please note that all guests must be accompanied by a member who will be responsible for the guest’s conduct and safety. Guests must observe the same regulations as members regarding the Club rules and use of courts.  

Common questions guests ask our members before visiting SLT&CC include:

What is the Club’s dress code?

SLT&CC has an “all-white” dress code for members and guests playing tennis at the Club. Tennis attire including hats, socks, warm up suits, sports bras, and outerwear must be white. Medical devices (i.e., knee braces) are the only exception to this policy. Only white tennis sneakers are allowed - a bit of colored trim is permissible but laces must be white. Men must wear collared shirts, boys may wear white tee shirts, and all shirts must have sleeves. Women may wear sleeveless tops. Hats must be worn with brims facing forward. Dress Code appropriate tennis gear is available for purchase in the SLT&CC Pro Shop. Shop staff are always happy to assist members and their guests with any clothing or equipment needs. 

The dress code during the Platform Tennis season requires that appropriate footwear is worn on the courts. Otherwise, members and guests should be suitably attired and colored gear is encouraged!

What is the Club’s cell phone policy?

Cell phone use at SLT&CC is restricted. Cell phones and electronic devices must be on silent mode on Club grounds. Texting is permitted on the Clubhouse porch, in the Bullseye, or in the parking lot. Conversations are only permitted in the Club driveway. CELLPHONE USE ON THE COURTS IS PROHIBITED.
May I take a lesson from the club pros or purchase items from the Pro Shop?

Guests may take lessons and purchase items from the Pro Shop. Members are required to pay fees for lessons taken by a guest. In addition to the guest fee, any purchases from the Pro Shop will be billed to the member host. The Pro Shop hours are Monday 8:30AM-1PM, Tuesday-Sunday 8:30AM-6PM, weather permitting.