April 30, 2015


Dear Members, 

I am writing on behalf of the Membership Committee regarding the current list of prospective candidates. We are fortunate to have a very active list and look forward to getting to know the candidates in the upcoming years. The current waiting period is 1-3 years.  

On the reverse side of this letter is an updated list of sponsored candidates who are being considered for membership. Please review the list and feel free to share any comments or concerns you may have. The membership committee will keep all responses strictly confidential.  

Please refer to the enclosed “How to Propose a Candidate” for information on sponsoring a candidate. 

Should you wish to propose someone for membership, please contact me at 

732 245 4555 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Betsy Ford

Chair, Membership Committee



Peter Hurley

Kara Short

Brian Kane



Sponsor Candidates:

Taryn and David Iwan                  Brian and Jennifer Carroll

Pam Ruoff                                  Matt and Lindsay Cooke

Sarah and Jonathan Kiley            Kevin and Stephanie Cuskley

Danon Robinson                         John Duffy and Stephanie Stokes

James Dorment                          John and Jennifer Egan

Carter and Laura Whisnand          John and Elizabeth Ferguson

Anne Marie Erwin                        Jeff and Donna Fernandez

Jack and Joanne McWilliams        Steve Forman

Walter and Virginia O’Connor       Joseph and Jennifer Huesman

Karen Gibbens                            John and Lynn Imperatore

Kim and Dave Smith                   Kathy Maguire

BJ Debree                                  Chris Meagher

Jeremy Minnetian                       Greg and Nyire Melconian

John and Luba Caruso                Jerry and Elaine Melia

Jane Wenning                            Neil Meulener

Ulf Marxen                                Dennis and Carrie Nitka

Regina Fernicola                        Joe and Margo O’Connor

Sarah and Dennis Devine           Jill and Joe Perosi

Brett and Gerri Lawrence           Josh and Katherine Porter

George and Emily Billington       Shane and Jessica Rogers

Chris Hetzler                             James and Lauren Sapirstein

Dennis Lynch Sr.                        Jack and Alyssa Skirkanich

Ann and Doug Rossbach             Kenneth Synder

Bob and Nancy Schuster            Sam and Heather Won

Rick and Joyce Donovan            Jon McKay and Adrienne Supino

Margery Slonaker                     Brian and Darlene McGlone

Chris and Michelle Barber          Megan Tencza







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