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SLT&CC is a community of active, committed tennis and platform tennis players. The Club offers several classes of membership. The most popular is our Family membership, appropriate for couples, parents with children, or a single parent with children. Single memberships are for Adults and Young Adult legacy members. Non-resident membership is available to individuals who live over 100 miles away from the Club.

SLT&CC is proud to include in our membership Porch members, longtime members over the age of 72 who no longer participate in racquet sports but remain active in our social community. SLT&CC also confers Honorary memberships to individuals who have by conspicuous service, promoted the best interests of sport, especially in the field of lawn tennis.

Membership to SLT&CC is available by sponsorship only. Successful candidates for admission will have played tennis multiple times at the Club and will have met a number of members. For more information regarding membership at SLT&CC, please complete the Inquiry Form below.

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